What is the Raised access floor?

A Raised access floor or we can say a Raised floor/Elevated floor is a type of floor that provides many options after putting a floor above your base floor. Simply we can say that it provides a blank space or cavity in between your base floor and elevated/Raised floor so you can access and use that cavity for various purposes depending upon the usage

The cavity created between the base floor and elevated floor is mostly used to hold cables and pipework required to distribute many types of services around a building. These services may include:

  • CCTV network
  • Water supply
  • Electrical power Supply
  • Network and communication cable
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation

A Raised floor can be used in Hotels, Multinational Companies, Corporate Offices, Airport lounges, shopping centers, department stores, supermarkets, hospitals or might be in some High-end Homes for decoration purposes Raised floor panels are designed in specific size, usually 600x600mm.Raised access flooring panels can have finishes adhered during production including Vinyl, Porcelain, Stone and a variety of wood finishes. Once the raised access flooring is installed any number of loose lay finishes can be overlaid, carpet tiles, magnetic wooden tiles and loose lay vinyl tiles. These modular interchangeable floor panels are supported on each of their four corners by an understructure system, creating a cavity between the Raised Floor Panel and concrete slab. The cavity between the base and raised flooring can vary according to the area and its requirement.

Raised Access Floor System comprises of understructure parts which includes the following:

  • Pedestals (provide a vertical support structure and are adjustable for the raised floor. It may be joined to the base floor and adjusted to provide a level plane.
  • Stringer bars (used to join the pedestals together creating a framework for floor panels and provides stability, generally used for deep cavity spaces).
  • Floor panels, Provides the flat surface of the raised floor.
  • Panel coverings (includes carpet tiles, LVT, magnetic wooden tiles, giving a beautiful appeal to the floor).
  • Floor boxes (it helps in giving access on the floor including Connection ports, power ports etc. by removing/cutting panels)

What are the different types of Raised Access Floor? Greenhawk is specialized in access flooring systems production and installment. At Greenhawk we believe in providing our customers with the best solution. The choice of Raised Access Flooring has always been a topic of great concern and attention by many customers, to simplify we have categorized Raised Floor in 6 different types based on their material:

  • Wood core RAF System
  • Calcium Sulphate RAF System
  • Steel Cementitious RAF System
  • Calcium Sulphate Interlock System
  • Aluminum RAF System
  • Perforated panels & air vents RAF System

Wood core RAF system

These are generally designed using a high strength wood core encased in a galvanized formed steel and plastic edge trims which is optional.

This kind of Flooring is generally heavy duty in nature with impressive loads that meet your desired needs. They are highly durable and can be used in Call centers, corporate offices, Schools etc.

Calcium Sulfate RAF system

These are the innovative solutions that you can use, as this kind of system is generally built using a highly durable heavy duty calcium sulfate core surrounded by plastic edge trims and encased in galvanized steel.

This system is highly waterproof and fireproof that makes it stand out of the crowd and gives durability and rigidity to the floor. You can generally use this system in your server rooms, Data centers etc.

Steel Cementitious RAF system

The Greenhawk Steel cementitious RAF system are generally designed and build using top quality steel sheets consists of welded steel case filled with lightweight cementitious compound which makes it solid and provides maximum load performance

The best advantage of this system is that it helps in sound absorption technology that reduces noise and is generally used in commercial buildings, computer rooms and telecommunication offices etc.

Calcium Sulfate Interlock System

The CSIL (Calcium Sulfate Interlock System) is generally designed for the spaces where stone, tiles or porcelain kinds of finishes have to be applied.

This kind of system is generally designed with high quality calcium sulfate core having steel sheet in bottom and interlock edge profile so that panels remain locked and reduces the problem of movement

This system can be widely used in offices, Hotels etc.

Aluminum RAF System

Greenhawk Aluminum RAF system is a great solution for class M1 Applications, Equipment rooms, or high traffic areas.

These are generally made using die cast aluminum components built under high pressure laminate or bare steel painted finish and best works for carpet tiles.

This kind of system can be used in pharmaceutical industries, Laboratories, Medical centers etc.

Perforated panels and Air vents RAF System

This kind of system is especially designed and constructed to allow the air flow distribution from the cavity between base and raised floor.

These are generally used to meet the technical room static and rolling loads requirements of data centers or corporate offices and typically used in the sectors that require ventilation from the ground.

At last

in this blog we provided you brief knowledge about the Raised Access Flooring and if you still have any query related to Raised Access Flooring or planning to install these in your space then you may check our website and contact us.